Friday, April 10, 2009

the girl who is catching up

so..since my last post I've

straightened my hair (temporarily)

made Breakfast for dinner on April Fool's Day

Met up with an old friend and her kids

taught some classes at the Scrappy Store

scrapped a little for myself

discovered Lomo and all of its yumminess

Gone to the Celebration Art Festival and, feeling artistic myself, took a bunch of pictures.

and not found a job

Don't know how much longer my landlord will be understanding, but I'm crossing my fingers the employment drought will end soon.

Quotes from the boys:

"Mommy, the school bus ride was AWESOME!"

"I am the Master Prankster!"

"I'm making costumes."
(Ian, my little dress-up guy)

(Eli's favorite new word)


island girl said...

dam you've been a busy girl..and look at you hawt mamma with the straight hair!

jensmack said...

you look like a completely different person with straight hair! oh my goodness! still beautiful though! :)

and I love the work you've been doing for the scrap store! It's sooo good!

The pictures are AWESOME - I can see both of those framed at art stores!