Sunday, November 09, 2008

the girl who welcomes the weekend


crisp air
cleaned house
did laundry AND put away
took some pictures
some scrapping done
all and all, a great fall day

My Sunday plans

a little more cleaning
a little more laundry
I'm going to make some of my mom's stew and bake some bread to go with it
I'm going to cuddle up with hubby and watch "Hang 'em High"
I'm going to make the boys play outside
and right now, this very second, I'm going to go make some Pupkin Spice coffee


and unrelated to *this* weekend, but I wanted to share...

there was a pumpkin carving contest at work and I was chosen to be the carver for my department. (Selection process went thusly, "You picked the pumpkin up, you carve it!")

So I made this little beauty right here:
Isn't he adorable? A little owl in a cage! I was awfully proud.

But the contest went on for a week, and well, there's not much left supporting that pumpkin. So the inevitable happened. the pumpkin decayed. Fortunately for me, it decayed artistically...

Unfortunately, Hedwig did NOT win. That dubious honor went to the cliched "Vomiting Pumpkin" However, I don't bear grudges. No, not I. I'm above all of that.


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jensmack said...

You were robbed, man!! That pumpkin rocks!