Tuesday, November 04, 2008

the girl who voted

and I took Zachary with me.

Five minute drive to the polling place with a brief discussion of the classroom vote. (Apparently his school is Democrat heavy, Obama carried)

Brief discussion on how voting is private and how he was not to discuss Mommy's choices with anyone in the polling place.

A step-by-step introduction to the voting process, "This is where they verify that I am registered and this is my polling place. This is the ballot. this is the voting booth. These are candidates, these are proposed amendments to the state constitution."

And then, as I was filling out my (four page) ballot with neat little ovals like I was taking an SAT for America, the inevitable...

"Mommy, are you done yet? I'm bored!"

And let me just say this about that...

I am incredibly thankful that we live in a country where voting can be considered boring. It is not a life or death choice to go submit your choice for your leader. There is no danger in deciding who you feel should be given the trust and responsibility of running the country on behalf of the people.

And the very fact that I can inflict this boredom on my child gives me the responsibility of doing so. Not only MUST I vote, I am obligated to pass that sense of civic minded duty onto my children.

Watch out, Ian. In 2012 it will be your turn to be bored.

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jensmack said...

exactly... we have the RIGHT to be bored. LOL!