Saturday, April 19, 2008

the girl who is ready to RUUUUUUUUMBLE!

So the Jens and I, (Princess and Jen Jen) gave ourselves a little challenge this weekend. Since, sadly, none of us has been scrapping much lately (and you think I would be at least considering...) we challenged each other to see who could create the most layouts this weekend. The Jens obviously forgot that I really rise to the occasion when challenged. Nothing like a little competitive spirit to make me hop to it.

We are all donating to a scrappy stash to be awarded to the winner and this is my contribution:

A few of my favorite scrappy things: shiny brads, cool paper flowers, some delish Hambly rub-ons, a transparent title, and my favorite go to stuff--various epherma and buttons!

I think I might have an advantage here--I can afford to let housework stuff slide and stay up really late because I don't have work to worry about on Monday!

So behold what I accomplished last night:

Very much on the simple side for me. I may have to go back and tweak it some more. (i.e. add more junk to it)

one happy kid
I love how this one turned out! My cheesy grin boy!

sandbox fun
These pictures are two years old, about time I scrapped them!

I'm Batman of course
My two pagers are usually really simple comparatively. this is Halloween before last.

Captain Me
A cute Shel Silverstein poem.

Another Silverstein poem. He makes journaling so easy!

So there you go girlies. The gauntlet has been thrown. AND I have plenty more where these came from! Step it up!

Last night was all about Ian, tonight I think I will get some Matthew out of the way...unless the lo's I wanted to get to last night with Ian but didn't because it was so late call to me instead. We shall see.

Y'all are going down like Charlie Brown!



jenscaleshr said...

Those are awesome!

But... *I'm* competitive too!

island girl said...

well lookey lookey....i'd hate for you to fall asleep from complete exhaustion and not get any layouts done tonight...i mean that would suck.....i'm just sayin'....