Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the girl who needs an umbrella (ella, ella)

No pics again, but an update.

Washer is fixed. I did it myself actually. The first repair guy that came out diagnosed it with a broken transmission.

Landlord wanted a second opinion.

Second repair guy (from different company) said same thing so eventually she consented to order parts.

Third repair guy missed the Saturday appointment for the day I was home and forced me to take a day off of work to wait for him so I could have a working washer. This was the day I got called in to go to a meeting which was useless. The next day I found out they were eliminating HR.

However on that day I thought I had a working washer because they replaced the transmission. So the washer finally spun again, but wait...nope, not working. Won't agitate now.

Fourth repair guy came out and looked it over and ordered parts.

Fifth repair guy came out to install said parts, but they were UNNECESSARY as the only thing wrong with the washer at that point was that repair guy #3 (coincidentally also repair guy #4) didn't put the machine back together correctly and left off (and left with) the part that actually makes the agitator grab on to the thingie that makes it agitate. (For the record, the part is called a "spline" don't know what the agitator thingie is called.) So repair guy#5 asked me if *my husband* was mechanically inclined and told me how to tell *my husband* how to fix it. I'm surprised he didn't call me "Little Lady" and ask me why I was wearing shoes in my kitchen. (For the record, it's to stomp on the roaches).

So the part arrives before I go into work last Tuesday and in five seconds I have the whole thing running smoothly and washing clothes.

Repair Guy #6 shows up on Saturday (you think I'm going to cancel? Hmph, they better come out just for the hassle they've put me through) and I explain I fixed it, but could he please put the housing back together correctly (something repair guys 1-5 haven't done yet) so it will open properly. He did, clothes are clean again and the love seat is now sporting the layer that needs to be hung.

So that's some good news at least. I thought I'd lead with that.

But here is where the umbrella comes in since when it rains it pours.

Florida Dad had a heart attack Monday.

He's as fine as he can be right now and I've been doing my best to help out. Scared the bejeezus out of me, but I'd never let him know it. He's too ornery to die. Besides, then he'd have to give up his post as president of the DOMC (Dirty Old Man Club) and I don't think he's ready for that yet.

But I did request that he have pretty nurses during his convalescence.

More rain on the way.

DH got some bad news about his job too. Going into Pop culture speak here, the Bobs are at his work and the TPS reports aren't being stapled correctly.

So in a couple weeks he will be joining me in looking for new employment.


My last day at work is Monday.

No nibbles yet, but at least I got the benefits pushed through before my exit.

I gotta take my victories where I can.

At least I'll have clean clothes to wear for my interviews.

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I'm not happy about any of this. Well, except the washer part.

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