Saturday, July 08, 2006

the girl who needs a sitter

So I called the local day care to find out what their rates are. {And for the record, they aren't "rates" it's "tuition" because they have the word "Academy" in their name.} And apparently I will have to get a second job to send my kids to daycare because, after taxes and insurance deduction, I don't make enough money to have someone watch my children so I can work. I might as well NOT work, except for the little fact we NEED the second income. It's not fair. I can't keep inconveniencing my Fl Dad and my bro-in-law flaked out on us, so what can I do? I hate to advertise in the paper for a sitter because, to be honest, our wages are not likely to be high. So, I'm going to contact 4C's on Monday and see if I can get any help from there.

On the bright side, had a job interview yesterday. I honestly don't know how it went. I admit, I didn't do my research on this one, so I didn't know exactly what I was walking into. So I was surprised when the job title didn't really match up to the job description. I'll find out Monday after next. I'll admit, I don't want to be working, period. But since I have to, I really NEED to make a change in what I do, and soon. Preferably within the company I already work for. That way I carry over benefits, some seniority perks and keep my Universal passes too. I'll be looking in the jobs section of the classifieds tomorrow too.

And we have a klepto in the house. I reach for my tweezers, they're gone. Hubby goes to shave, his razor is missing. Apparently some little imp has been rummaging through our bathroom drawers and has taken off with our stuff. I suspect this one:
Don't let the innocent look fool you. This boy is nothing but trouble with a capital "T" and then some. Yesterday, he led the great Coo-Pa revolt. The youngest of the three and he is instigating them to all say "NO" to Coo-Pa. (My Fl Dad, Coo-Pa is our name for him) Now they are all on tv restriction and I'm the one being punished because without the tv as a distraction, they wreck the house playing. And, as usual, I have too much to do.
Tomorrow is my day off and I need to finish my MMM entry. But my printer/scanner has decided to take a dive, so I either have to alter my plans for the final lo, or go find someone else's printer/scanner to use. I just want one day without any responsibility where everything goes right. Is that too much to ask?


mIcHeLlE-o said...

You poor thing. Sorry to hear about the printer, daycare thing. Things will get better soon for you. The lil one, he is just way too cute. Send him over, I'll watch him for ya. The innocent looking face and all... is her really TROUBLE????

JenSmack said...

(yeah, yeah... send him over to Michele... she won't know what hit her!) ;)

He's just TOO darn cute! Those eyes...

Sorry about your sitter situation. You wonder how anyone is able to work and do daycare. It's ridiculously priced.

You'll figure something out... I'll put my thinking cap on too.

island girl said...

call me when you find out about the job-a-roo...i was thinking about ya today!!

it's always the innocent ones that are the most trouble!