Wednesday, February 22, 2006

the girl who met a goal!

I did it! Yaaaaaaay! I finished two albums this weekend. Now I am only a year behind, lol! (We are not counting Christmas, 2004 right now, I want to savor my accomplishment!) Now I just need to get caught up with the lo's I have on hand and then I can start planning the lo's for all the new pics.
There is always so much to do, and I always manage to not do it. Laundry, keeping the house clean, keeping the fridge stocked, and work. It all exists in a state of "moderately acceptable." I describe my housekeeping skills as "good enough" as in, if there aren't things growing, stinking or putrifying, and the house is reasonably clear of debris, then my job is done. But I aspire to be better. The other day I was at the neurologist's office with my youngest. There was this beautiful woman there with three adorable little girls. The two oldest (about 3 and 5) were in matching WHITE denim outfits. And they were immaculate! All three girls were perfectly coiffed and accessorized, their mom was in a gorgeous set of silver-grey, flowey gauchos, a turquoise top, six-inch strappy silver sandals and matching accesories. When complimented on her (perfectly behaving as well as immaculate) children, she commented onhow she can't stand mess and her house is as clean as her kids. She mentioned that she always dressed her children this way. She mentioned that she had a job and her mother watched the children, but she did all the housecleaning. This was her day off. And she was dressed like that? Wow, I felt totally inadequate with my jeans and baseball tee and my 2 year old wandering around, bringing me mega blocks with remmnants of a pbj on his face. Now, do I hate her or try emulate her? Well, I bet (or I hope) that she doesn't have a hobby!


JenSmack said...

That woman is probably so freakin' strict with her kids that they are too afraid to get a piece of lint on the floor. I'd rather be the Mom of the kid playing and having a fabulous time in the MUD! I'd rather be the fun Mom than the ultra-clean Mom!

Besides.. those silver strappy heels just got doctor germs all over 'em.

You rock, sistah.

island girl said...

lol...honey, those women are called STEPFORD WIVES!! and i think you are doing excellent just the way you are!!