Sunday, September 21, 2008

the girl who welcomes fall

The past month (van drama notwithstanding) has been packed full of fall activities:

Starting school and sending my new Kindergartner off. giving Zack the responsibility of walking his brother to and from.

watching clouds with Matthew-"Look, Mommy! A castle! A bear! A piece of candy!"

Going to open houses at school and learning that Ian's Kindergarten class (and all of the others) is overcrowded so they are hiring a new teacher and dividing up the classes. I hope Ian keeps his pixie-teacher. She's perfect for him!

Dealing with the first cold brought home from school as it sweeps through the house. Little bit seems hardest hit. Constant glazed donut face.

Likewise, dealing with Eli's first brother-induced injury: a black eye and cut.

Going to Draven's b'day party and getting to splash and play in the bouncy houses. Good times.

Getting Island Jen to take photos of me throwing Eli up into the air over and over to get the perfect shot. Some may call it child abuse, I call it scrapbooking! (lol!)

Meeting Claire and marveling in how laid back her parents are. They are pros already!

Starting violin lessons for Zacky. Pray for me.

Buying new shoes and new glasses. (pictures will follow)

Trying to scrap and not being able to sustain the creative process. My scrap space is a MESS and it is stifling me. But facing the prospect of losing a scrap night to organize puts me off too, so I just wind up throwing something together from what comes to hand and then throwing it all back into the cabinet. So unlike me.

And finally, a day like today. Cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry avoiding and an apple pie. The perfect end to a 90 degree fall day!


island girl said... are a busy glad you guys were able to come to the part-ay...

jenscaleshr said...

Love the photos! SO CUTE! Ian is getting so big - what a sweet smile on his face!

And your little guy... he's already a heart-breaker!