Monday, June 02, 2008

the girl who is a word nerd

I admit it. I love words. Especially big ones. Any chance I get to use a $10.00 word in the place of a measly 25¢ word, I get a little giddy.

Which is why I got a particular warm fuzzy feeling deep in the cockles of my soul when I ran across this phrase: "hermeneutic of stupidity." So much so that I had to run to and look it up.

(did you go? I even put a link there for you. Go ahead, do it. I'll wait.)

Cool, huh?

Doesn't that sound so much cooler and more professional than saying, "He is such a dumbass, I really don't need to explain to you how he f****d up, you should be able to guess."

And so I learned a new word today. I am fulfilled. I am proud. I must use it in a conversation to which Princess will go, "What the heck is she talking about?" and then life will be complete.

On another note, sorry on the poor blogging. I'm kinda keeping things on the dl right now since I want to enter MMM and I'm saving all my pictures and cute stories for that. Apparently, posting them on a blog only a handful of people read would still violate the MMM rules about not sharing ANY part of an entry online.

So quick recap and you can email me for any in depth stories: I got a job (!!!) which is a ton of work but I love the challenge, got the offer the day after my old job asked if I'd consider coming back (ha!), we had Mother's Day and I got force fed cereal in bed, Matthew broke a toe, limped hideously until we took him to the Emergency Pediatrics and then was fine, Zachary turned 9 and got a scooter and was promptly grounded the next day for taking a mile when he got his inch in new privileges, I'm super pissed at some people (and I'm deliberately NOT using their new pet names because my mother reads this blog and I've probably shocked her enough with my "dumbass" and "f*****d" earlier) who screwed over my Florida family, and I've taken a TON of awesome pictures lately!


Anyway, entry for MMM is due July 31st and I'm not really certain when they announce (and will deliberately try to avoid cementing that little factoid in my mind) so things may be sparse for a bit. Never fear! I will probably break down and do some sort of nonsense post (like this one) every now and again.


jenscaleshr said...

Nonsense is okay as long as you're BLOGGING something!

(even making fun of me not knowing your $25 words) :-P

Laurie said...

LOL, I love the word hermeneutic! Glad you like it, too. :)