Saturday, March 22, 2008

the girl who is maxed out on family time

So it was an extremely busy Easter.

With the boys being home and not getting to go to Miss Mitzi's (and they ask EVERY morning if they get to go back...sigh) I thought I'd try and have a day just for the boys. So Saturday was chock full of Easter projects.

We colored eggs, made paper plate bunnies and topped it all off with birds nests cupcakes (a coconut maroon nest atop a cupcake with a skewered Peep and jelly bean eggs).

I was exhausted at the end.

Then there was today, the actual Holiday.

The Easter Bunny left the baskets out for the kiddos to see in the morning. I think that was my first mistake. They started the day on a sugar high and I was never able to fully account for all of the candy and ration it. lol, that'll teach me.

Plus, I...I mean the Easter Bunny... found some kites at the dollar store. Yeah, you definitely get what you pay for, but they seemed functional and I thought it would be a fun activity. Unfortunately, the kiddos opened the kite packaging before I woke up and destroyed them in their efforts to see if they would fly with the wind generated by the ceiling fan.

Please don't ask, it's only funny from the outside, I'm still cringing.

Then Easter brunch where I inadvertently used up the last raw eggs. I had done this yesterday when I boiled the eggs for coloring, forgetting I needed to have a raw egg or two for the meatloaf I made last night. So I made an unscheduled visit to the grocery story to buy an 18 ct carton because I luckily remembered I also needed them for eggs for Sunday brunch. That unscheduled trip turned out to be a blessing in disguise because Publix had all of their Easter paraphernalia deeply discounted. I found these uber cute little rabbit shaped melamine egg plates for a quarter a piece! I bought four and they came in handy when the boys were coloring their eggs. Anyway...I used the rest of the carton making eggs this morning and totally forgot that I needed raw eggs for the cheese filling of my lasagna!

Eggs, I can stretch a dozen for a week or more and never think about it, but when I absolutely need them, I forget!

So another unscheduled trip to the 7-11 and I was set.

In between brunch and the trip to 7-11 we had the egg hunt. I had to post a guard and felt terrible. The neighborhood kids saw me hiding eggs and were asking to join. I felt terrible saying "I'm sorry, it's a family event" but it really was! Sure, I could have let one or two join and it wouldn't have been completely terrible, but I selfishly only wanted my own kids in the pictures! Does that make me a terrible person?

So after the hunt, the kids continued on a sugar high while I made the lasagna. And then it rained so I couldn't send them outside. Ugh! Finally, at around 4:30, I had the lasagna baking and the kids screaming so I locked myself in the bedroom and took a brief nap.

When I emerged, ready to continue the holiday I found out that my kiddos are resourceful.

Did you know that Willy Wonka makes a jelly bean covered in Nerds?

Did you know that my kids decided they didn't like the Nerds coating, but still wanted the jelly bean?

Did you know that Nerd jelly beans soaked in a bathroom sink filled to the brim with water will lose their Nerds coating?

Did you know what a mess that makes?

Did you know that if you attempt to clean up that mess with toilet paper before Mom sees it and accidentally submerge a fresh roll in the water in the plugged up sink and leave it there, that it will dissolve into a paper mache sludge that will completely block the drain?

Well, now you do.

And that was my Easter. How was yours?

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jenscaleshr said...

Um... I think my day was a lot quieter. ;)

Love the pics! Little Eli is getting so big! (and he kinda looks like YOU!)