Friday, November 10, 2006

the girl who has decided

I'm no longer happy.

I am quitting my job.

Do you know what it's like to go in to talk to the higher ups about an issue you feel isn't being resolved and then have the issue dismissed and the meeting turned around into "you're on thin ice"

I've never been on thin ice before.

And it isn't even my's tardies.

And being put on the spot and asked, "what are you going to do and fix this?"

and only being able to answer "try harder to be on time?'

and not wanting to tell them everything that goes on in your life that makes it so damn difficult to get to work early--which is the expectation. And not wanting to say "if you dealt with what I did, you'd just be happy I got here at all!"

because you know they don't want excuses. Because you know that they don't really care. Because you really don't want to tell them anyway. And because you know you have been trying your ass off to get to work early even and it never happens.

And because you know you're at fault anyway and wouldn't accept these excuses from anyone else.

And're so damn angry at them that they dismissed your problem entirely to focus on your faults you feel like just storming out right then and there. In fact, when I presented my problem, not only was it dismissed, I was told "I really thought you were going to talk to me about your attendance, not this."

I have never stormed out of a job.

But I so wanted to say, "You've made your position clear. While you're sitting there and telling me all the ways I'm a good worker. Alll the things I've done to make this place better. All the recognition and acknowledgement I have been craving for the over two years I've worked here and never're still telling me that I'm close to losing my position for a non-performance based issue. Therefore, I should leave before you let me go and save you the cost of fighting my unemployment claim."

If I'm such a good worker, if I am so valuable, if I have contributed so much...why have I been denied SIX transfer requests?

why was I nominated for Employee of the Month by default?

Why was I never paid or acknowledged for work I did for the company AT HOME?

Why was I taken advantage of when "doing favors" and "just this one time" deals were tossed aside and it became expected, not rewarded. to such a point that when I complained I was told "well, we need to think of the business first."

I am not a valued employee. I am a position that they don't have to train someone else to do.

and I am pissed and upset.

and I am leaving.

edited: ten minutes later, the world is a happy place again.

I got another pub!



Anonymous said...

ohhhh! tell em to stick it! You don't need that!

JenSmack said...

Email. me. your. resume.